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Trusted and experienced designer and contractor
installation of teletechnical systems

Professional design and execution services in the field of modern integrated security systems, automation systems and electrical installation systems.

We provide comprehensive services for investors in commercial and industrial construction. In addition, we provide professional service and carry out individual orders along with the design and production of consumer electronics.

Electrical Installations

We offer our clients project preparation, construction of installations or modernization of existing installations along with the necessary measurements, as well as technical service.


CCTV systems with computer networks

CCTV - (closed-circuit television) - closed-circuit television, is a system of transmitting the image of specific places in a closed receiving system. Closed-circuit television is used for surveillance and enhancement.


Alarm and access control systems

Alarm systems (Burglary and Assault Signaling Systems) are a set of devices used to protect a given facility against burglary (burglary alarm system) or fire (fire protection system).


Fire protection installations

Ancor designs and manufactures fire alarm and smoke extraction systems. The task of fire protection systems is to actively protect the building and its users using various types of sensors (smoke, temperature, etc.).


Audiovisual systems

We offer solutions for advanced systems of audiovisual devices for conference rooms as well as public utility facilities. We provide sound systems for rooms, implementation of audiovisual systems.


Structural networks

Structural networks are a system of universal telecommunications cabling designed for a wide range of applications. The system enables the creation of computer networks or the connection of telephones and other devices.


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14 years on the market

For 14 lat świadczymy usługi dla globalnych przedsiębiorstw oraz zakładów o znaczeniu specjalnym dla naszego życia.

What speaks for us?

+ Responsible implementation

We have carried out electrical installations and ICT systems in power plants and public buildings many times


Cooperation with large companies and enterprises of great importance for the country have brought our team together and consolidated our knowledge and experience even stronger.

Customer Service

We focus on long-term cooperation. After the work is completed, we offer our customers a full service, both warranty and post-warranty.

Implementations and actions

We are aware of the importance and importance of the actions taken, therefore we perform our duties diligently and carefully, and at the same time we care for our own and others' safety.

Service and Solutions

We always carry out orders comprehensively to provide a tailored service to our clients. We have the necessary experience for this and we are open to new challenges.