Fire protection installations

The Ancor company designs and manufactures fire alarm and smoke extraction systems. The task of fire protection systems is to actively protect the building and its users using various types of sensors (smoke, temperature, etc.)

Our fire protection installations allow for quick fire detection, simultaneous notification of relevant services (fire brigade, security agency) and activation of devices integrated with the system, such as hazard signaling, smoke extraction, activation of the fire extinguishing system, cutting off other systems - electrical and computer installations.

We offer solutions for single-family and multi-family houses, apartments, small and large enterprises.

Threat alarm systems can cooperate with camera systems and access control with notification support via a regular telephone or mobile network.

Depending on the needs of our customers, we install systems with different composition of internal devices:

  • an alarm control panel equipped with a power supply and a battery
  • emergency keypad
  • various types of sensors and detectors
  • signaling devices - acoustic or acoustic-optical devices signaling the activation of alarm systems
  • telephone dialer
  • GSM module
  • radio notification